What People Say

I love Neponset Valley Music Together!  Jen is a fabulous teacher.  She makes all of the kids feel very included, even if they are having a bad day and sitting on the side of the class.  My son (22 months) runs around during much of the class, so to be honest I wasn't sure he was gaining anything, but he sure was having a great time!  Well, one day at home, he started making the hand gestures that go along to one of the songs out of the blue.  When I recognized it and started singing the song his face lit up!  I also find that the CD is super relaxing for him.  When he is getting fussy in the car, if I put the CD on he calms down immediately.

I love going to the class, my son certainly seems to be getting the hang of rhythm and dance and songs.  In addition, he had really never done any organized activities where he was encouraged to be part of the group activity.  Sometimes he runs around, and learns in his own way.  Jen is great at including the children who aren't sitting nicely in the circle.  However, lately he is getting more engaged in the group and seems to enjoy dancing with the group which is a thrill for me to see! 

As much as a room full of toddlers and kids dancing and running around could be chaotic, Jen really does a great job of maintaining order.  The kids are absolutely welcome to learn in any way that feels comfortable to them, and are always encouraged!  It is an amazingly positive atmosphere - we really do love it!   -Anna R.



Neponset Valley Music Together is a fantastic class. This semester was our first Music Together® class and I've already signed us up for the next class. Jen is an enthusiastic, informed and wonderful  instructor. What I really appreciate is that Jen's classes are consistent (we repeat songs throughout the semester) which is so important for infants and toddlers and every class is so creative - every class is a different and exciting.  My 27 month old loves the class. At least once a day, she says "I want to go to music class." And she sings the songs all the time. Every night we put in the Music Together CD and dance around the house.

Jen also knows so much about music and is able to give all the parents great advice on how to incorporate music into our everyday lives. The fun she has teaching the classes is infectious.

I've taken many child development classes with my daughter and this is one of the best ones we have taken. It's also quite the bargain considering that in addition to the classes you also get two CDs and a music book.   -Amy A.


We take Music Together on Sundays in Walpole with Jen. I put my 23 month old and my 13 week old in the car and we drive from Newton to attend her 9:30am class! This is the second Music Together session for my oldest .With the first session I started out skeptical wondering what she was really getting out of it until she started singing the songs (in her own way) at home and I figured out it was our music class that was adding to her growing love for music.

Jen does a wonderful job at circling the class room and making each child feel important with putting a personal touch on the songs we are singing. She has a great singing voice and a contagious personality that she keeps both children and adults engaged with. 

This class is a great way to introduce your children to an activity that encourages them to participate but not feel the pressure of a structured class so everyone is able to benefit in their own way.

Thank you Jen for having us look forward to something each Sunday! You rock :)   -Jill L.


We love Music Together!  My son (19 months) and I have been attending Jen's classes for a couple months now, and we absolutely love it!  My son is full of energy so I wasn't sure how much he'd enjoy sitting through a music class.  We took the free demo class and I was thrilled.  My son is able to sing, get up, dance, move, play instruments, and more!  He has so much fun.....actually, I'm not sure who enjoys it more-my son or me!!  Jen is a phenomenal teacher, and you can tell she has spent time in the classroom.  She has a way of captivating young children with her sweet ways and soft, but super fun disposition.  Neponset Valley Music Together is affordable, so it's a great class to take with children of any age! You also get a songbook and TWO Cds-one for car and one for home!  It's the only music CD we listen to anymore!   -Lori W.


I totally love Jen, and so does my 19 month old son! Jen is incredibly enthusiastic week after week. She has a sweet eye on every child in the class and encourages each child in a way that really 'sings' to him or her. It is beautiful to watch and a total pleasure to be a part if the class. Now for the RESULTS! My son knows most of the songs by heart and begs me to sing them with him every day. The songs help diaper changing go by without tears, they make longer car rides a breeze, and they get Caden up and dancing every time...because he just loves the material. I am consistently amazed by how intelligent Jens music class is while coming off as pure fun...the best kind of teaching with the best teacher. Thanks Jen!   -Caro B.


Jen is an exceptional teacher.  My daughter gets excited as we pull up to the class and smiles the whole time.  She tends to be on the shy side so it makes me really happy to see her enjoy the class so much.  Jen makes it fun for the adults, too.  I find myself singing the songs with my daughter all week long.  I highly recommend the Neponset Valley Music Together and am excited to enroll again next semester.  As a working mom, it's extra special to take such a great class with my daughter.   -Katie O.


My son and I loooove music class and mostly because Jen is honestly the best teacher.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and she teaches music in such a fun way.  At Neponset Valley Music Together, Jen has really created a warm, friendly and inviting environment where the kids can all feel comfortable and excited about learning.  My two year old brings home what he's learned in class and is always up for singing, dancing and instrument playing. This is the best of the best - I can't give a higher recommendation!   -Kristen P.


Jen has a wonderful way of interacting with all types of children and is especially good with drawing out the more reticent types.  She makes learning about music fun for the kids (and grown-ups too!) and does so in a relaxed and fun style so no one is intimidated or embarrassed.  My two year old daughter LOVES this class and it has everything to do with the instructor.  I truly believe that the leader of the class makes all the difference because we attend many music programs in the area and Jen is the best!  I think it also helps that the class meets weekly so there is repetition and recognition...my daughter knows all the songs and movements by heart.  As part of the class, enrollees receive 2 CDs of the music for that session.  We keep one at home and one in the car and they are listened to daily.  I can't say enough about how much we have enjoyed our experience at Neponset Valley Music Together.  As a final note, my six month old attends the class as well (free up to 8 months!) and her little face lights up when she hears the CD at home and in the car too.  I guess it's true when they say it is never too early to start exposing kids to these types of classes!   -Kristin B.